Gain clarity and control of your Lease Expense Costs.

Tackle the challenge you have today and transition to a model that gives you complete visibility and control of lease expenditure and risks.

Work with seasoned experts, guided by our comprehensive research indexes across industries, and benchmark your lease management costs to identify and deliver cost reductions across your estate.

We have seen a massive improvement in timely and proactive budget/reconciliation engagement from our landlord teams, increased visibility on complex service charge arrangements throughout our estate and improved accountability with regards to correcting billing issues.

The team’s consistent quality of service and expert advice has allowed us to engage other markets. I would not hesitate in recommending Assure’s services to anyone interested in getting a better understanding of their existing service charge liabilities.

We offer the full range of services from pre-contract advice through to negotiations at the end of the term. This can either be in the form of a short-term auditing exercise or a longer-term portfolio-wide management instruction.

By auditing the lease obligations, we will challenge insurance recharges if they fall outside the acceptable limit. This will be followed by a full review of the insurance invoice and certificate.

We analyse all recurring financial liabilities arising under a commercial lease with the aim of maximising recoveries and increasing a company’s profitability through a retrospective review of up to 12 years’ worth of data. The audit will also identify future cost saving opportunities.
Our in-house software VeriviTM stores and records all property costs including total annual liabilities, disputes and savings achieved. We will identify overcharges and recover any sums back, as well as ensuring all ongoing lease liabilities are managed and controlled.

Many of our clients are recharging some costs from their tenanted or sub-tenanted estate but rarely all of them or to the fullest extent. We audit and record the sums that are recoverable under the lease terms and agree how the charges are to be levied and for what period.

Our Building Consultancy team has the specialist skills required to review proposed major works and to advise the landlord on cost recoverability and lease compliance.


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