Expert analysis saves £51,000 in building works & ensures lease compliance

Ryan Davis, Senior Lease Expense Manager, shares a recent case where he was asked to review proposed major works on behalf of a warehouse client. Through his expert analysis, he secured savings of £51,000 in building work costs and ensures lease compliance.

Office 2023 Budget Increases: A sign of what’s to come?

It is notable, albeit to be expected, that no budget received so far has shown a reduction in utilities costs. Whilst the median increase in utilities is 52.8%, the average is 75%, indicating that many properties are faced with a significant increase in energy costs, bearing in mind that these increases also affect directly consumed energy as well.

Assure Consulting Webinar: 19th October – Service Charge & Lease Expenses in 2022 and Beyond

Register now to join the Assure Consulting Webinar on 19th October. A series of sessions led by our panel of experts, who will present a review of service charge cases and other lease expense issues in 2022, as well as a look into the crystal ball for the year ahead…


Webinar: LG Energy Group & Assure Consulting

Assure Consulting will be presenting at a Webinar hosted by LG Energy Group, a market leader in energy risk management and procurement. A series of short sessions to be presented by Tim Parkin, Director Building and Consultancy, and Christopher Isa Cole, Director of Innovation & Development…

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