If you are involved in the supply of heating, cooling and hot water to another end user – that might be your Tenant or Sub Tenant, then you need to have registered your interests by 31 Dec 2015 and have meters or sub-meters installed by 31 December 2016 unless that is not cost effective or feasible.

I was at an office scheme yesterday and they are suggesting it may cost £175,000 to comply. Excessive? Maybe but there is an unquestionable cost of dealing with yet more regulation & risks of penalties if you have not.

From an occupiers perspective, what does this mean? Well increased costs of compliance may be charged on by the Landlord (is it recoverable?). Also, where a Tenant is a direct recipient of the supply and they have sub-tenants, do they need to act now?

I would be interested in how this is being dealt with by all concerned.