Why are Retail/Leisure Developments experiencing increasing gridlock?

Based on some personal experience, feedback from clients and a quick google search, the answer seems clear.  The original park is developed with reasonable infrastructure and then they squeeze more retail space (and other commercial enterprises) on the site.  This has the dual effect of attracting more customers and reducing the number of spaces. A recipe for disaster.

Many of the temporary (fire fighting) solutions have little or no favourable impact.

The only real solution seems to be combining any new development/extensions etc with enhancements to access and reconfiguration – the planners play a role here.  I do wonder what these people are thinking sometimes.

Furthermore, lets be clear, there is only one person that should be picking up the capital cost and that’s the party that wants all of this………..the Landlord.  To much of this is being channelled through to service charges in various ways, leaving the existing occupiers to contribute towards the cost of rectifying a problem that they never wanted in the first place!