Promotions at Assure

We are pleased to announce recent promotions which include one new Director and four being promoted to Senior Lease Expense Advisor. The appointments reflect our commitment to our strategy of developing our range of occupier focused services, as well as recognising and nurturing talent from within the business…

Why ask Assure to manage your Service Charge and Insurance liabilities?

Whether you’re using another service provider currently or are looking to outsource your service charge management for the first time, we will SAVE you more…

The Missing Millions: Uncertified service charges

The findings were disturbing, with uncertified service charge expenditure going back as far as 2013 and amounting to an aggregate sum in excess of £1 billion, with £583million relating to 2020 and 2021 when actual expenditure was well below budget levels due to the impact of Covid.


Guide to Service Charge Management Terminology

To the uninitiated, the world of Service Charge Management might seem a bit bewildering, as well as all the numbers involved, there’s a whole new language to learn! Here’s the Assure guide to some of the common Service Charge Management terminology you might come across when looking at your service charge liability…

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