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Navigating Uncertainties: Forecasting Service Charge Costs in 2024 and Beyond

In an ever-evolving economic landscape, the ability to anticipate future costs is fundamental for occupiers. The Assure team are already guiding clients through the process of forecasting for the year 2024, and there are going to be a multitude of factors influencing service charge costs in the coming year. What are going to be the main factors influencing next years’ service charge expenditure?

Service Charge & Insurance: 2023 Forecasting and Inflation

With surging inflation and the energy crisis, we have been working on and re-assessing our client’s forecast property spend for 2023.  There has been a great deal of economic turbulence that has had an impact on inflation across all service cost categories.

Assure Consulting Webinar: 19th October – Service Charge & Lease Expenses in 2022 and Beyond

Register now to join the Assure Consulting Webinar on 19th October. A series of sessions led by our panel of experts, who will present a review of service charge cases and other lease expense issues in 2022, as well as a look into the crystal ball for the year ahead…

Service Charge & Lease Expense Reporting

Assure can hold a lot of data! Budgets, actuals, insurance certificates, statements of account, legal documents, invoices, payment histories and much more, as well as keeping records, most importantly, the amount of money we have saved…

Have you got it covered?

Roof structures and the repairs required to them are often highly technical and generally expensive. If your Landlord wants to repair or replace the roof of the building you occupy, there are many points to consider in checking if you are liable for the whole cost. We have experts on hand to review condition reports and tender documents to ensure that occupiers contribute no more than their lease terms require. Here are a couple of recent examples of our involvement in roof repairs…

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