Promotions at Assure

We are pleased to announce recent promotions which include one new Director and four being promoted to Senior Lease Expense Advisor. The appointments reflect our commitment to our strategy of developing our range of occupier focused services, as well as recognising and nurturing talent from within the business…


Guide to Service Charge Management Terminology

To the uninitiated, the world of Service Charge Management might seem a bit bewildering, as well as all the numbers involved, there’s a whole new language to learn! Here’s the Assure guide to some of the common Service Charge Management terminology you might come across when looking at your service charge liability…

Why have service charge expenditure

Why have Service Charge Expenditure Audited – Is There a Better Way?

First things first, when we are referring to an Audit, we mean a Certified or Chartered Accountants Audit. Their role is designed to protect the payers of the service charge, the Tenants. They should verify and certify expenditure by completing a full review and appropriate checks, providing the Tenant’s with the assurance that things have been handled properly…

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