Verivi Development Drives Savings

Verivi Development Drives Savings

Here at Assure we are always developing and growing. The core of our business is reporting and analysing data in order to drive savings and help our clients with their cost reduction. This would not be possible without our internal software – Verivi. Verivi sits at the heart of everything we do, it stores every piece of relevant data for managing our clients lease expenses. This is key in providing answers to all the possible questions our clients can throw at us.

It has evolved over time from a web app but is now its very own desktop application. In the last twelve months, we have taken stock of how the application works because as with every bespoke software over time it has had more and more bolted on. We called this the Simplification Project

Our Senior Developer David Savage led the project ‘Verivi has more than 95,000 lines of code and has recently benefited from a large project to simplify and streamline it, resulting in much quicker delivery of change and improved stability. These quicker changes can help us to enhance further, improve user experience and develop a better suite of reports’.

Head of Finance and Operations Steve Gallagher is very pleased with the early results ‘The work undertaken by David sets us in a fantastic position to continue developing our unique software. Given the volume of data we can provide, we need to be able to drill down as and when it is requested – sometimes before it is! This work enables us to put our clients needs first and adjust to their requests on a much quicker and more efficient scale. We are perfectly placed to continue to be the most responsive company in our field and ensure our clients continue to benefit from the great savings we have already made for them to date’

If you would like to know more about how Verivi can help your business please contact us here.

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