I needed to buy some anti-inflammatory tablets yesterday.  I went in to a well known & reputable high street retailer.  My choices were a well known brand £1.99 (in prime position on the shelves), the own brand £0.49 and an unknown brand £0.35.  All for the same 16 pack of 200mg tablets.  For those that know me, they wont be surprised to hear that I went for the £0.35 option ………..and they did the job.

Why do many go for the £1.99? Yes, there’s trust, reputation, lots of marketing etc etc but it was the same tablet.

In the service industry, there is an opportunity to differentiate albeit the old established firms probably still have the prime position on the shelves.

I suppose my point is that by looking beyond the old established brands (or firms), you are likely to find best value.