Our proposition is based on a flexible, responsive and professional service with guarantees. We build strong relationships with our customers and are continually improving our services. We understand the need for absolute trust and commitment to secure the most favourable outcome for our customers.

We have proven track record and continue to build on our established blue chip client base. This includes large scale corporate occupiers of commercial space extending from retail and leisure operators to office occupiers.

The range of service that we offer is designed to reflect our client’s needs. Our firmly established and core Service Charge and Insurance management services are expanding and we are investing in new services, extending to a comprehensive lease expense and property cost management to occupiers of commercial space.

We never lose sight of the primary reason our clients use Assure and that is to secure refunds from the past as well as reducing current and future liabilities.

If you are looking to exercise control over your property outgoings then please call us to discuss how we can free up your internal resource for other functions and maximise savings across your property outgoings.

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Double or Triple Charging for Exceptional

With deferral & subsequent carrying forward of postponed works coupled with delays in certifying service charge there are instances where service charges levied on-account can effectively mean charges for the same work on numerous occasions until reconciled. Service charge budgets and reconciled accounts are not being issued in line with the timescales set out in…

Latest Refunds and Savings – 20th

With cost saving and refunds high on the agenda, I thought we would share some of the issues that we have dealt with this week……. Double payment of insurance through service charge and direct recharges. So it makes sense to have the same adviser for both. Rent (and service charge) start dates incorrectly administered. Don’t…