Assure Saves £8.5M in Service Charge Costs Q2 2022

Assure Saves £8.5M in Service Charge Costs Q2 2022

The Assure team have recovered £8.5M of service charge costs for our clients in the second quarter of the year (£2m more than in Q1!). 

Contributing to this sum, is our ‘accelerated savings’ process.  By forensically reviewing statements of account at the start of the management contract, we have been able to achieve rapid results for new clients in 2022 and return cash to be invested elsewhere in their businesses.  

Who’s making sure you’ve had any overpayments or credits on account returned to your business? 

We’ve also seen significant results from the many discussions we’ve had over the last couple of years with Landlords and Managing Agents in relation to the timing and necessity of major works.   

Who’s checking that you are liable to pay towards the major works proposed in the budget this year? 

Challenging insurance premiums on behalf of our clients requires forward planning and determination. Where we act for a majority of the occupiers in a Scheme, we can have more productive conversations with Landlords and their brokers, to achieve the most competitive premium.  

Are you paying the most competitive insurance premiums on your portfolio? 

There’s a lot more work to be done in these challenging times, but we continue to check and review proposed expenditure, lease terms and insurance premiums to ensure that our clients lease expense costs are reasonable and efficient.  

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