Service Charge & Lease Expense Reporting

Service Charge & Lease Expense Reporting

Assure can hold a lot of data!  Budgets, actuals, insurance certificates, statements of account, legal documents, invoices, payment histories and much more, as well as keeping records, most importantly, the amount of money we have saved!

While we mostly track and store all this information for our own use, it is our client’s data and they need access to it too.

Using a combination of our bespoke, in house-developed database, Verivi, and tools such as Power BI and Excel, we have designed a suite of specific tailored reports for our clients.  These are issued at regular intervals throughout the year to meet clients reporting requirements.

Initially, these reports are broadly similar for all clients, with some clients only needing a very basic level of reporting whereas others have more complicated requirements.  We can develop and customise our reporting to present the information as it is required.  We understand that each client has their own needs and areas of particular interest, and we pride ourselves on listening and being able to modify our reports accordingly, adding in new stats, benchmarking, trackers, charts etc so that the information is presented in the most useful and digestible format.

Some of the client requests we have accommodated of late include –

  • Tracking refunds received due to Covid restrictions.
  • Key details of their portfolio and liability with one specific landlord.
  • Reviewing expenditure at an individual store ahead of negotiations for a service charge cap.
  • Tracking accruals across the portfolio where quarterly invoices were anticipated but hadn’t been received.
  • Identifying levels of cost for a particular service in a geographical area for benchmarking purposes.

We don’t keep all this data to ourselves though.  Each year we produce the “Assure Index”– an up-to-date analysis of planned service charge expenditure for UK Shopping CentresRetail & Shopping Parks and Offices; click on the links to download your copy.

To find out more and for examples of the types of reports we can provide you, contact us by completing the form below:

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